Rustic Weddings 2.0

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rustic 2.0

As Coloradans, the idea of a rustic wedding is no new thing.  It is something that is the very basis of the Colorado wedding experience.  It’s snowy mountains, ranches, and sweeping landscapes.  And it is gorgeous in every way!  But let me tell you, this “rustic” design is developing with every Kinfolk magazine issue and getting way, way hip.  Here are some amazing trends that I have spotted lately.

Linens 2.0:

Ladies and gentlemen!!  We have graduated from burlap!  Now it is all about the farmhouse linens.  Tea stained with soft primary colors.  They are kind of amazing.  Is it just me or does this make you think of eating fresh ciabatta bread and drinking homemade wine on the cliffs of Cinque Terre??  I don’t know.  Maybe I took it too far, but still, they are perfectly minimalistic and tastefully elegant.



Centerpieces 2.0

Three words.  Farm to table.  Maybe not literally (as it is impossible in the High Rockies where the land is frozen 6 months out of the year), but figuratively,

yes.  Maybe we will coin it the “farm to table look.”  


The table garland.  I’m a huge fan of greens.  They are simple, but effective.  Tuck some flowers into the greens to dress it up a bit.  Or even add some purple artichokes to kick up the hipster-ness!  Sprinkle some votive candles for ambiance.  Bam!  It’s like you’re in a Kinfolk magazine!  And the great thing is that the popular ingredients in the garland are super fragrant (seeded eucalyptus is so fresh and minty while bayleaf smells like bubblegum!).


Let’s admit it, the world is really into sexy food these days, so of course you want to serve sexy food at your wedding.  I absolutely love the idea of letting the food shine (and double as your centerpiece).  The equation: Take the obligatory farm table.  Add in a wooden cutting board with crusty baguettes.  Add a raised platter of lemon rosemary chicken with wooden serving utensils.  Bring in height with wine bottles and cool little water carafes.  Add in some coarse ground salt and pepper in little bowls with small spoons, infused olive oil (sidenote: check out The Filling Station out of Chelsea Market for some killer salts, oils and vinegars to dress up your fresh greens…saffron salt and blood orange balsamic?  Stop!), and artisan butter (does that exist?  It should).  Don’t forget the votive candles to finish the vibe.  It’s such a fun way to have guests interact and for the wedding to feel like a sweet gathering of friends.  Foodie friends.

The Details 2.0:

Here’s the jist of the new rustic look.  Natural simplicity.  Like herb sprigs.


And vintage serif lettering on paper goods….


How about these new cross back chairs that one of our vendors just brought in??  I am in love!  Totally trumps a chivari!


Rachel Smith, Love This Day Events

Rustic Chic Colorado Weddings

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