Katherine + Raleigh – Beano’s Cabin, Beaver Creek, Colorado

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What is not to love about Beaver Creek?  It’s gorgeous, the customer service is divine and everyone is really happy.  Why?  Probably because they get to work in Beaver Creek.  Katherine and Raleigh’s June wedding was my first event at Beano’s and I have completely drunk the koolaid.  Food – perfect.  Wedding team – amazing.  The Tough Mudder Race that I LITERALLY drove through on the way to the venue???  Well that is just another story for the book (and to all of those people who looked at me like I was batshit crazy as I drove UP THE MOUNTAIN right in the middle of a tough mudder, thanks) . . .  Enough of that, I give you the LOVELY wedding of Katherine + Raleigh by the wonderful Jenna + Matt of Jenna Walker Photographers.

This is the luckiest dog in the entire world.  Seriously.

And what a treat to work with the marvelous crew at Vintage Magnolia on the flowers.  Their work is stunning.

As a planner, I hear all sorts of things throughout the wedding day.  But this was one of my favorite lines from the entire summer.  After the ceremony was complete, I was walking these two around the venue back for photos and Raleigh looks at Katherine and says “babe, why dont we blow this all off and go camping” Katherine, without missing a beat looked at him with all seriousness and said “babe, now that we are married, you should know, I dont really like camping.”  Yep – welcome to marriage friends.  Matt Walker and I nearly died laughing at that moment.

Katy – Sugar Breck.  I need not say more (she is super kind and her work is super yummy).

After a delicious dinner, the guests joined the bride and groom on the tented deck and danced the night away to Tunisia.  Pretty darn perfect if you ask me.

Katherine and Raleigh – all the love in the world to you both.  And happy ski season!!

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