We are so happy to be working with you to create an amazing day.
Over the last few years I have answered the same questions a few 100 times so I decided it is time to put all of the answers in one place.
For those of you who are month-of clients, this is a freebie resource for you to find the information you need so you can give us the paperwork we need to make your wedding amazing!  For our full planning clients – look at these posts as a cheat sheet to prep you for current / future conversations that we will have regarding menu, seating charts, wedding ceremonies and the BEO!
If you are my client – you have been emailed the password to access the information in these posts.  If you aren’t my client  (yet) call me!  Check back often – we will continue to update this page with posts that we think will be helpful.  Looking for something not covered here?  Email me your question and we will get it on the blog!