How to set a table

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Which side of the plate do we put the fork?  Where do the water glasses go?  And for me, the next statement is the end all-be all that drives me BONKERS when it is wrong.  I do hope that this lovely chart finally proves once and for all – serrated side of the knife IN!

As a child, it was my job to set the table for dinner every night.  Yes, this was in olden times.  It was the late 1980’s when we sat around a dinner table (gasp) every night and had civil family conversations.  In reality, everyone ate really fast so they could go watch tv, read, play outside, use the telephone with the really really long cord, etc.   It drove me batty that I had to set the table every. single. night.  Needless to say, it now gives my Mother immeasurable joy that my entire career essentially revolves around this very task on a weekly basis.

Please enjoy this lovely chart from the lovely crew at Antiquaria and allow yourself to set a fancy table for your next event.  Or simply for dinner tonight.


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