Sample Sale at Anna-Be!!!!

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designer gowns for a deal!

Do not miss this Denver bridal event on August 29-31 if you are looking for the wedding dress sale of the season! We will have a HUGE selection of sample dresses (these are the floor samples of the gowns)
for a minimum of 35% and as much as
90% off the original price!


#1: A wedding gown sample sale allows you to find a designer wedding gown at a bargain price. But, if you have never tried on dresses before this may not be the sale for you as

it’s best to come ready to buy because the sample you fall in love with might not be here if you need to think about it and come back.

#2: Be forewarned that sample sales
are often overwhelming and are not
the typical first anna bé bridal appointment. Appointments are for 1 hour only, and because sample sales will book out completely we are unable to accommodate walk-ins.

#3: Generally, sample sizes are bridal size 8s and 10s (these translate to 6s to 10s in traditional sizing) and are made for a B-C cup. If you are under 5’ or over 5″11, it is not recommended that you shop at a sample sale.


To avoid a chaotic experience, a Filene’s basement-esque frenzy, and any potential hair pulling,
we’ve compiled a short list of guidelines.

  • Appointments are required to try on bridal sample gowns and will be scheduled for one hour
  • All dresses are on a first come, first sold basis and we cannot hold dresses
  • All wedding gowns are sold as-is
  • We do not decide which of our samples will go on sale until the morning of the sale! In order to be as fair as possible, we do not accept pre-sample sale appointments to preview the sale and will not be able to sell any dresses off the rack before the sale starts
  • This sale is for experienced shoppers only and for brides who know what they want
  • During a sample sale, you will need to make a decision very quickly. We cannot hold dresses, so if you need someone’s approval, bring them with you!


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