How do you give back?

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How do you give back?  Why are you grateful?

I think that is what we should ask people when we meet each other.  It really is much more interesting than the normal “what do you do?”.  Giving back and being grateful — this is what has sort of been consuming my time lately.  Personally, I have been dealt a really really good hand in life (yep, I am knocking on wood)  Amazing and loving parents, a great education, a scholarship to college (yes, for musical theater performance, teehee), a wonderful husband, great friends, 2 dogs who almost listen . . .  I was always empowered and enabled to do what I wanted, follow my dreams, take a chance and to create a life that I designed for myself.  Now I live in a place that I love, married a man who is perfect for me and I get to so something really wonderful.  I get to be with great people on really really good days.  And I get to make your day fun.  And pretty.

When I started Love This Day Events, I decided to do fewer weddings so I could actually know the people I was working with.  I don’t want your wedding to be simply about money.  I want to know how you give back.  And I want to help.

I don’t care about your politics or your religion.  I care that you are a good person who may be doing good things.  Once I made this definitive shift in my thinking, almost immediately I was offered an opportunity to be part of the Anna-Be-Five – a fundraiser for Greenhouse Scholars, I was asked to help a former (and lovely) bride who was running a marathon to raise money for blood cancer research and I got to support Imagine1Day – where the lovely Katie Thurmes of Jenna Walker Photography is currently Ethiopia changing lives.  Cori Cook of Cori Cook Floral Designs is going to Senegal to build schools this fall. And I have another client going to Uganda in November.  Suddenly I am surrounded by good people who are doing good things.  And I like it.

So let’s do something amazing.  Together we really can help.  Maybe it is something as small as serving Cline Cashmere at your wedding – the company is donating $25,000 to Living Beyond Breast Cancer.  Maybe instead of favors to your guests- you and your fiancé make a donation in your guest’s names to a cause that matters to you.  Tell me about it – because together we can make a small difference in at least one person’s life.  And we can still make your wedding really really pretty.


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