Rocky Mountain Weddings … Event Design . . .Wedding Coordination . . .Wedding Planning . . .
What does this all mean?
Planning your Destination Mountain Wedding is an incredible opportunity to create a unique day.  There are a million planners and event designers out there – every single one of us creates our own definitions and parameters of what our jobs entail.  Here is what we do to help you love this day here at Love This Day Events!  
Event design is simply event design.  Event designs are the colors, the layers, the textures, the flowers and the details that make your mountain wedding unique.  There are a million resources and inspirations online.  So many in fact, that you will probably get a tad overwhelmed in the beginning of your planning process.   We work with you to establish the overall look and feel that you want for your wedding.  We start painting the canvas with broad strokes before we get into the specific details.  We match your look with vendors and budget and we go from there.
Wedding Planning is the who, how, why, what and where of your wedding day.  Starting with your budget and a list of what is important to you, your fiance and your families – we help you from the beginning.  Finding the correct venues and vendors for your style and budget and holding your hand along the way, we will get you down the aisle in style – stress free!  After all, with Love This Day Events the aim to for you to Love This Day!
Month of Wedding Coordination – that is the central command of it all.   We serve as your air traffic controllers on your big day – realistically, we land a whole lot of planes in one day and our job is to make sure that none of them run into each other!  Someone has to manage the timeline, the details and the vendors (and it shouldn’t be the girl in the white dress who is having her picture taken!)
Cheers!  Let’s start planning!