K + G | Beaver Creek Wedding

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Beaver Creek Weddings are the best thing ever. Beano’s cabin is absolutely, hands down one of the prettiest places to work in all of Colorado (and the ENTIRE team at Beano’s and Beaver Creek makes the process pretty dreamy… just sayin…) K+G booked me about a year before the wedding. When we started talking about what mattered to them the most, it was all about bringing their friends and family to a place that K had grown up in and loves. In addition to the guests – the emphasis was on flowers and photography – we really really loved the flowers. I was so thankful to bring Bare Root Flora and Chowen Photography into the team while we created this incredible day. It was the middle of July and there was not a cloud in the sky. Bisou Beauty knocked hair and makeup out of the park (and then repeatedly commented that K was the most laid back and happy bride possibly EVER). The ceremony was perfect. At the end of cocktail hour, the guests were welcomed to an escort card table that had a handwritten note to each guest thanking THEM for coming and telling them why they mattered (to this day – that is my FAVORITE thing to see at a wedding. Watching 100+ guests read a personal handwritten note about why they are important fills the room with a love that is unlike any other. Wedding tip – steal this idea. It’s worth it). Days like this are why I love being a destination wedding planner. Cheers to K+G and I hope to see you both soon!

Kara Delay, Love This Day Events
Beaver Creek Wedding Planner