H+L | Snowy Spring Wedding at Devil’s Thumb Ranch

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Nice matters when you are planning a destination wedding.  A lot.  Hannah and Logan are simply two of the nicest… kindest … BEST people I have ever had the opportunity to plan a Colorado wedding for.  Let me start at the beginning, these two had already booked Devil’s Thumb Ranch for their May wedding when Hannah reached out to me.  Before Hannah had even called, Kayla from DTR AND Michelle from INPhotography had both called me already saying something along the lines of “ok…if Hannah calls you, she is AWESOME.  No seriously awesome.  You want to book her.  She will make you remember why you love weddings.”  A higher compliment from a fellow wedding vendor is hardly ever given.  And this couple exceeded my expectations.

We built the design around yummy fluffy peonies (let’s face it – if you get married end of May or June and you do not have peonies, you are crazy!!!), smilax greens and an icy blue accented with silver.  We planned for an early spring day.  We achieved a perfect winter wedding (most May brides are not so kind when they find out there are 8″ of snow on the ground but Hannah dealt with the news with grace and kindness and said – “well, this is why we have a super pretty backup space”).  The skies cleared and we had a perfect wedding inside the Broad Axe Barn.  The lovely ladies from Plum Sage and I schemed to cover the barn with the trailing smilax (I really do LOVE the stuff) to echo a southern vibe.  End result?  One of the prettiest winter | spring weddings I have worked on.

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Many many thanks to all of the amazing vendors who worked to make this day wonderful.  AND an even bigger thank you to Hannah and Logan for being kind and lovely.  You two started my season off right and made me fall in love with weddings all over again.  Thank YOU!!!

Kara Delay, Love This Day Events

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