Devil’s Thumb Ranch Couple featured in The New York Times

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This weekend was absolutely incredible.  The team here at Love This Day Events was absolutely honored to work on 3 gorgeous events (2 at Devil’s Thumb Ranch and 1 at Dunton Hot Springs).  Indeed, we drive some big miles going to some of Colorado’s most spectacular wedding destinations.  One of the amazing couples from this weekend was featured in the New York Times on Sunday (call me crazy, I still think that is pretty spectacular) and today I received this email from the lovely couple.  Once again I am honored, humbled and just plain lucky to do what I do.  Thank you Katie + Brigham – I know that you two ARE going to change the world.


Where do I start….?

Returning to New York City late last night, driving through the dark and dirty streets, I had the feeling that I was waking up from a dream. Over the weekend, Brigham would catch me for one of those gazes that says it all, commenting that the experience — as we were living it — was “perfect.” It absolutely was.

After months of working together, being guided by your passion and expertise, we created something better than Brigham and I could have ever imagined. You helped us assemble the most incredibly talented team who supported us despite thousands of miles of distance and insane professional schedules leaving us nearly impossible to communicate with. I truly came to love and admire all who offered their expertise to help us create our weekend. They became a part of our growing family.

Kara, though we already knew that we were int he very best possible “hands,” your execution over the weekend was flawless, leaving us (and our friends and family) in awe of your masterful, tender, thoughtful approach.  When Brigham and I made it down the aisle, hearts so full of joy and love, seeing your smiling face — and two glasses of champagne — I wanted to bear-hug you forever. Throughout the night, I found myself looking for our Southie-Colorado beauty in her kick-ass boots, hoping that she was enjoying the night (our creation) as much as we were.

The words “thank you” barely skim the surface of how much gratitude and love we have for you and your unbelievable efforts. We have something that we will be sending along in the mail — a token of our appreciation.

Importantly, I cannot wait for you to come visit us in New York or until we can skin-up and cut fresh tracks through Champagne powder together. Though the weekend is over, there is no way you are getting rid of us.

Here’s to love, friendship and always seeking the next big adventure!


Katie & Brigham