Devil’s Thumb Ranch Wedding – Lindsey and Adel

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Weddings are supposed to be fun.  Really fun right?  We spend months planning details and moments and sometimes we forget that on the wedding day itself – it is FUN.  Lindsey and Adel got the memo.  Hell, they WROTE the memo for their April wedding at Devil’s Thumb Ranch.  Captured PERFECTLY by the lovely Brinton Studios,  these two gorgeous people laughed out loud all day.  They weren’t worried about tiny details (of which Lindsey had plenty).  They weren’t worried about the cold or transportation and ANYTHING other than enjoying every second of their wedding day.  I adore you two so much – thank you for loving every minute of your wedding day (and having the world’s most hilarious dog).

BTW – I am obsessed with 2 things because of this wedding.  #1 – Rent the Runway for your bridesmaids dresses.  They all looked amazing.  #2 – This dog.  No one ever told him he was a dog.  He is pretty sure that he is a little person.

Did I mention that I love these two?  And their entire bridal party?  PLEASE be this much fun . . .

This dog stayed like that – exactly like that – for the entire ceremony.  It. Was. Awesome.

Lindsey and Adel – thank you for having so much fun.  Thank you for living in the moment, for dancing your asses off and ENJOYING every part of this.  You two win.  You are more awesome than most people.  And I adore you both!  xoxo

Kara Delay, Love This Day Events

Devil’s Thumb Ranch Wedding