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If you are a regular on Style Me Pretty, you already have a pretty good idea of the fabulousness of the Ojai Valley Inn and Spa.  But if you are not, you need to know about this place, because it is as close to perfect as it gets.

The location?  Southern California, of course.  You know all those blog posts where there is a rustic farm table in a field?  Yea, that could only happen in Southern California.  Literally.  The weather is perfect there nearly year round (February and March being the rainy months).  There is an alarmingly low amount of mosquitos, the wind is still, and it rarely tops 80F.  (Folks, this is why people live in SoCal).  As a planner in Colorado, I dream of the days where I do not have to worry about the obligatory afternoon rain shower at ceremony time.  Or the luxury of setting up guest seating under the clouds and not running risk of a microburst that literally blows everything off of the tables and nearly topples a tent (that is a true story from last summer – Kendra, one of these days I will tell you what happened 2 hours before your wedding).  And for this reason, we are taking a little daydreaming session to the cool coast of California.


Ojai Valley Inn is THE place to stay and THE THE ultimate location for the hippest weddings in the USA.  Not only do your guests get to experience the unrivaled delight of the California coast, they also get to stay at resort that is both luxurious and steeped in history.  The OVI was originally dreamed up in the 1920’s as a private club.  In the 1940’s it was transformed into Camp Oak and served as a military training base during the war (cool!) and then things started getting good.  In the years after the war, OVI became the getaway for all the glamorous Hollywood actors and actresses, musicians, and politicians (and continues to be a hot spot for them these days).  Then it had a $50 million dollar renovation in 1985, and another in 2003 at the cost of $80 million (needless to say, it’s really, really nice).  They now boast over 300 guest rooms and suites and 5 reception spaces!  One of which is none other but a rustic barn (our weakness).


Kara and I often joke that if we would likely freak out if we had to design a wedding in something other than a barn.  It’s kinda our thing.  I love the fact that OVI is an absolutely modern and sleek, but also appeals to the rustic clientele that just want a good old fashion barn!  As much as I love the reception tables set outside of the barn, I am also a big fan of the industrial-hip interior (galvanized metal is kinda awesome).  


With guest seating for up to 200 people, the Big Red Barn can accommodate a heck of a party!  Bring in some market lights to flow with the rustic theme….or totally create a barn glam scene with chandeliers!  Flowing white drapery, luxury linens, and my new favorite rustic cross-back chairs…now we are talking!{source}

As for the ceremony site.  Well, they have 5 options there as well!  (I think the hardest thing about this place would be picking your favorite venue!)  My personal favorite has gotta be the Hacienda Courtyard.  Two words.  Oak. Tree.


I think everyone, at some point of their lives, has had an obsession with trees.  Okay…maybe it is just me…but you have to admit that this tree is pretty stinkin’ cool and 10,000% dreamy. Imagine saying your vows under a twisted and weathered oak tree….that is powerful, people.  And the nice thing:  chairs, soundsystem, water station, and bellman for the gifts are included in your rental fee.  We love nice perks like that!

All in all, we are pretty darn impressed with you Ojai Valley Inn and Spa!  You are really, really pretty!!!  And we really really really want to come and play wedding with you!


Rachel Smith, Love This Day Events

Wedding Travel Enthusiast / Destination Wedding Planner