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I am delighted to introduce you to our newest obsession here at Love This Day Events – Wanderlust Wednesdays.  Instead of just dreaming about the places we want to go, we are putting in all on paper (well, at least into cyberspace) and we are going to explore whether or not the power of suggestion actually works.  See, there really isn’t enough snow yet up here to justify more than 5 runs so instead we are scheming and dreaming of all the places we want to work . . .

From Rachel —

Let me preface this post by explaining to you that I am a dreamer and a little bit of a wanderer.  Okay, a LOT a bit of a wanderer.  I just love exploring, driving, getting lost, trying new food, seeing new landscapes.  During this particular time of the year, at this particular elevation, even a homebody will start to feel stir crazy.  There’s a lot of snow (which is awesome…but not usually conducive for driving), and it is cold (so if you are not on the mountain skiing or snowboarding, then you are not outside), and sometimes (like today), the sky is completely grey/white and you can’t even see the mountains around you.  At times like these, I tend to start concocting crazy destinations and then wasting at least 1.5 hours on pinterest finding pictures of said crazy destination.  Instead of letting these hours of “research” go to waste, I have decided to create a weekly post to showcase my wandering ways and share some really killer locations for adventurous weddings (take us with you!!!!)  So without further adieu…

Let’s talk MONTANA folks….


It’s crazy beautiful, it’s practically uninhabited, and it’s the great state where Kate Bosworth tied the knot with Michael Polish, so OBVIOUSLY it’s the new IT spot (Sorry, Brooklyn is old news)!

You may ask…where is one to stay in such a wild and wonderful state??  Hold on to your hats, folks, cause there is a total gem in which to create your ddddddream Big Sky wedding.


Ummm, yeaaa, that’s a view from the property of The Resort at Paws Up.  Seriously, I die.  Stick a luxury resort in the middle of this view?  I may never leave.




Alright, here’s the scoop:

Paws Up is located only 35 miles from Missoula, MT.  Hello international airport!!

-It’s chillin’ on 37,000 acres of land.  No big deal. And apparently the staff is very flexible in regards to ceremony space.  37,000 acres of wedding potential!

-The Blackfoot River flows through the property.  Meaning:  your guests can fly fish, go rafting, maybe even take a leisurely float down the river.  Yeehaw!  Not to mention: hatchet throwing (I’m a pro), horseback riding, wrangling.  You basically become a cowboy/girl when you check in.

-There’s Spa Town.  Definition: a town of spa tents. Pre-wedding festivities for the girls?  Yes please.

-Their trademarked solgan is “The Last Best Place on Earth” (brilliant)

-They also have “safari-style bungalows,” think Keira Knightley’s Vogue spread from 2007.  Can’t recall?  Find it here.  Please note the image of her feeding a bottle to a Louis Vuitton clad baby elephant.  I’m in love.  Disclaimer:  I don’t think there are elephants in Montana.

I digress…now let’s talk weddings…

Okay, if you are still not convinced about the fabulousity (yup, made that word up) of this place, consider this:


The Bull Barn:  200 person capacity reception area in a restored farm (holy architecture!!).  This area has all the luxuries that we event planners search for:  glistening chandeliers juxtaposed against rustic wooden beams.   Vaulted ceilings.  (!!!!)  State of the art A/V system.  Pine barn wood panelling.  This place is a real beauty, and I tell you, it is hard to find a reception space like this.  Trust me, we’ve looked.



Chuck Wagon:  Perhaps the barn look is not your thing.  No biggie, you can just have your guests transported on a horse drawn carriage to the banks of the Blackfoot River for an outdoor dinner feast…A dinner feast that is prepared in the great Montana outdoors AND cooked over campfire!!  Campfire smoke…the perfect ingredient!  (I am seriously in love with this idea).  Paws Up also promises entertainment by a local banjo player and a cowboy poet (which I find to be the funniest thing ever.  And maybe my next profession).


So basically, all that I am saying is….this place has it ALL!!  LET’S GO!!!


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