Wanderlust Wednesday – Guatemala Weddings

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I am delighted to introduce you to our newest obsession here at Love This Day Events – Wanderlust Wednesdays.  Instead of just dreaming about the places we want to go, we are putting in all on paper (well, at least into cyberspace) and we are going to explore whether or not the power of suggestion actually works.  See, there really isn’t enough snow yet up here to justify more than 5 runs so instead we are scheming and dreaming of all the places we want to work . . .

Convento Las Capuchinas//Guatemala

Well, it’s December, so you know what that means….we’re living in the single digits up here in the Rockies.  Oh, in fact, the high for tomorrow in -2F.  Negative two!  So this week, we are taking a little wanderlust trip to Guatemala, where the grass is always green and there is always some spicy food to heat you up!!  Vamanos amigos!

Guatemala has a special place in my heart. I backpacked through the country a few years ago with my twin and fell in love!! The food is wonderful, the people are so incredibly sweet (even though the two of us were terrible at Spanish), there are lakes and volcanoes and beaches and lush mountains and coffee plantations and yoga communities and Mayan ruins…I could seriously go on forever.    There is just something special about the place.

Now, when considering a romantic wedding amidst beautiful landscapes and stunning architecture, one does not naturally think of Guatemala.  The country is still on the up and up after a 36 year civil war, but let me assure you, although it is no Costa Rica or Cabo, it IS safe and it is authentic and unspoiled.

The location of this ridiculously beautiful event venue is in the city of Antigua.  If traveling from the states, most guests would fly into Guatemala City’s airport.  Guatemala City is….a city….in a bad way.  But, approximately 1.5 hours away is the dreamy little city of Antigua.  When you drive up on those cobble stone streets, your heart will seriously flutter.  The city is steeped with history.  Heavily influenced by the Spanish Baroque period, the architecture is ornate, colorful, and full of detail.  It feels very European (but the exchange rate is much more favorable than the Euro).  

{photo credit:  me, whoop!whoop!}

The city is situated around Parque Central, complete with a restored fountain, palm trees, a bright bougainvillea bushes.  And everywhere you look, there is a grandiose church.  There were some devastating earthquakes in the mid 1700’s so lots of the convents have significant damage, which makes them that much more appealing (a wedding amongst the ruins?! Way cool).  It’s no wonder that the city of Antigua is an UNSECO World Heritage site.

{me+twin on our b-day}

Lots of these convents were beyond repair, but there a few that are still accessible to the public and also to private events (!!).  The greatest of them all being Convento Las Capuchinas, a ruined convent dating back to 1731.   Check…it…out!!




Arches!  Courtyards!  Gardens!  Oh my!  The great thing about this convento is that you can have your ceremony and reception on the grounds (which is unusual for the area).  AND you can choose to have your ceremony/reception in the traditional temple or in the garden or atrium.  Although Antigua’s climate is usually favorable, in case of rain, there are plenty covered areas for the reception to be held (dinner under the ancient arches, swoon!).

This Style Me Pretty wedding in the gardens of Las Capuchinas is just unbelievable!!  Not to mention the photography by Davina + Daniel is outta this world!


Being that the convento is located right at Parque Central, your guests will be conveniently located next to some of Guatemala’s most luxurious boutique hotels, such as Casa Capuchina and El Convento Boutique Hotel.  (Although I am the hostel type, these places are perfect for those looking to experience the “American standard.” If you prefer to hang with hip travelers from all over the world, go to the Black Cat and make some bad decisions.)

And on clear nights, if you look out on the horizon, you can see the Volcan de Fuego erupting in the distance.  Now how is THAT for wedding fireworks!

Rachel Smith, Love This Day Events

Destination wedding planner / hopeless wanderer (and if you know Rachel, you will giggle that I just added a Mumford and Sons reference to her name – HA!!!)

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