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I am smitten.  I am inspired.  I am obsessed with Artifact Uprising.  To quote direct from the website ::

 inspired by the disappearing beauty of the tangible / bettered by a community of inspired storytellers / driven by the belief everyone has a story to tell. Tell On.

If that doesn’t grab your attention – what the heck will?  This incredible new company (Denver based I may add!)  is rocking the wedding and photography world with their BRILLIANT and affordable and environmentally friendly photo books (hard and soft cover) Instagram books (how great is that??) and wooden calendars.  I had the opportunity to create my own book (which I am obsessed with) and go into the studio and actually SEE some of the amazing pieces of art that regular old people (i.e. not professional photographers!!!)  like you and me are creating.  In this digital world where we move a million miles a minute – I am delighted to see someone had the good old sense to create something REAL.  And please please please go visit the blog – if it doesn’t call you to action in some way . . . well, I don’t even know what to tell you.

Want to be inspired even more about the team of Artifact Uprising??   This is a little bit of the information from their Mission page . . .

CREATIVITY / for all things, endless possibility. for every story, endless ways to tell it.COMMUNITY / we seek to cultivate a community of inspired storytellers – of movers, shakers, do-ers, designers, creatives, artists, thinkers, joy-makers. we believe in the power of community to ignite creativity.LEAVE A LEGACY / we believe in the story that is archived for future generations. we believe in moving stories off our computers…and into our lives. THE POWER OF ONE / to create art. and change the world.

PASSION / without it, we are nothing.ENVIRONMENTAL RESPONSIBILITY / we strive to be kind stewards to mama earth and her happy forest. we are committed to recycled products and are always seeking ways to minimize our impact on the outdoors – a playground that shapes so much of who we are.AUTHENTICITY / in all things. in our communication. in our company. in the transparency of our supply chain. in our own story.

With this the holiday season approaching – AND with small business Saturday around the corner – why NOT create a MEANINGFUL gift (or 312 of them) this year.  And once you have made your own books – take an instagram photo of it 🙂

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