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Wedding signage certainly isn’t a new trend.  But the ideas are growing by leaps and bounds every season.  Wedding signage should be functional and useful and (of course) pretty.  Consider wind, ground conditions and sprinkler systems before you purchase (i.e. – a golf course will most likely not let you drive a stake into the green).    The signage should be a reflection of the style of your wedding.  If you are doing an elegant golf course wedding – consider something a little more traditional like these from Family Attic. . .

Or you can opt for a rustic look like this from Wedding Signs with Love.  Hand painted and rustic suit the bill pretty darn wedding for most mountain and ranch wedding venues.

Wedding signage doesn’t have to stay outside.  Consider adding details to signature drinks and the dessert bar.  I love these from BHLDN.  Add these to the glasses for a whimsical Alice In Wonderful detail. Or you could label tray passed drinks as leaded or unleaded.  You could use these to label cupcakes a gluten free.  There are a million useful ways to include signage to complete your wedding theme while informing your guests of details they should know!


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