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Photo courtesy of Michelle Hart Photography

 I love anyone and everyone brave enough to fly their own little freak flag.  To pose for a wedding portrait inside the shell of a teepee.  Yes please.  This may go down as one of my favorite wedding photos of all time.  It reminds me a tad of the first wedding I ever attended.   Let me tell you a little story . . .

My Mom has twin cousins that are referred to (with love) within my immediate family as “the hippie cousins.”  And they are awesome.  They have spent their lives and raised their children while chasing summer – from the Caribbean to Costa Rica to Maine –  working odd (and awesome) jobs, making jam and doing whatever else they needed to do to ENJOY THEIR LIVES.  For this particular wedding I am recalling, I was maybe 5 years old. My family was driving up from suburban central Massachusetts to Vermont – it was 1980.  I remember my extremely preppy parents arguing about whether or not we were overdressed.  We drove up to the 18th century farmhouse and there were 2 teepees at the edge of the clearing.  My Mom told my Dad to take off his tie and told us to take off our shoes.  Then she looked at us with more seriousness than I had ever seen and told us that we were NOT allowed to eat ANYTHING unless we asked her first.  I am pretty sure my 11 year old brother immediately went in search of brownies.  In retrospect, I think this is hilarious.

What I do remember about the ceremony was joy (heck, everyone was probably high) and a sense of community.  I remember complete strangers  convincing my very straight laced Dad to lose his sportscoat and there was lots and lots of laughter.

Maybe that is why I plan weddings in Colorado.  I get weddings in fields.  I understand insane DIY decor projects ( I actually encourage them).   I am perplexed when I need to plan an event in an actual church.  So – minus the recreational party supplies – I still think that weddings should have that feeling of joy and laughter.  The wedding day should be what you and your fiancé want.   There should be laughter and giggle cries and excitement.  And it should be fun.

Happy Monday.

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