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Sami + Gabe, Dream’s Resort, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

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I am so excited to share Sami + Gabe’s absolutely gorgeous wedding from this past April in Puerto Vallarta.  First of all, this couple is absolutely lovely.  They are so madly in love with each other, it reminded me daily that I am lucky to plan pretty days for good people.  Second, Puerto Vallarta in April.  Seriously, what more should be said?  Well add the genius film photographer Jillian Mitchell and place it at Dreams Resort in Puerto Vallarta and we are set for a really good day.  And I will be forever in debt to the amazing team at Dazzling Details for assisting with decor.  Ah-mah-zing.

love this day events puerto vallarta wedding planner

The first thing that I loved about Sami + Gabe is that they love COLOR!  Bright and bold color is what we built the design around.  And Sami had no interest in florals – instead we found a bright and happy paisley runners and built the rest of the design around paisley and lots and lots of LIGHT (candles, market lights, sunset, etc!)


The best part of the decor was an amazing chuppa that Sami’s Mom had made.  Ever guest was sent a quilt square to decorate.  The chuppa structure was covered with this chuppa and the bride and groom were literally surrounded by the love of their friends and family.

For the record, I now know where to get a Ketubah framed in Puerto Vallarta on the fly . . .

Sami and Gabe, all the love in the world to you both!

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