Great Gatsby Wedding Inspiration

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The Great Gatsby is about to become the biggest wedding inspiration for 2013-2014.  I am so excited that I can hardly stand it.  In anticipation of the visual feast that we are going to see in the upcoming film version (for the record, I adore Baz Luhrmann) – here is a little prep for your own Colorado Great Gatsby Inspired wedding . . .

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First up – embrace the glam if you are opting for this wedding (we are talking Great Gatsby here NOT Grapes of Wrath – this is not going to be a mason jar situation).    First tip – the day after Christmas go buy all things sparkly at 80% off.  We can figure out how to repurpose them later.

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Pick a pattern (like the photo on the right) – run it through all of your print work.  Pick a font that is appropriate for the era.  Or better yet, throw all of your ideas at your print designer and allow him or her the freedom to create something amazing.   Go for glam chandeliers (call me first – I have a gazillion of them!!!)  Do not be afraid of glitter.  Or sequins.  Anything that you thought was a good idea to put on your ballet leotard when you were 6 is what you are going to need here.

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Images courtesy of Jenna Walker Photography from Anna Be Five 

Bring on the feathers.  What could be more opulent than white ostrich feathers?  Talk to your florist or designer and see if they have any available for rental.  Add chargers.  Add napkin details.  The photos above are from a benefit I did last November for Anna Be.  The gilded succulents in the florals (courtesy of Cori Cook Floral Design) were the perfect glam accent to the warm peach floral arrangement.

Pick your color tone – are you embracing warm colors (peach and gold?) or are you opting for cool (silver and pale blue??).  Either works – consider the colors that exist in your venue and what looks good on YOU!)  Consider breaking away from the traditional white for your dress and venture into muted gold, silver/gray,  blush or antique ivory.  Do not fear fringe.  It’s sassy.  And really fun when you are dancing.

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Hello sparkles – seriously, you are going to need to embrace crystals, sequins, pearls, feathers – EVERYTHING that was a symbol of opulence in the 1920’s.   And for your bridesmaids dresses – why not opt for flapper glam (on behalf of all bridesmaids on the planet – this WILL be a dress they wear again!!!)

 Hair and makeup – remember, this is your wedding not a Halloween party.  Be sure to communicate to your stylist that you are looking for an inspired look, a nod to the era – not auditioning for a role on Boardwalk Empire.  If you are in Colorado and need the recommendations for the hair and make-up people that ROCK this look, drop me and email and I will send you their contact info.

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Whether your Great Gatsby inspiration comes in the Leonard DiCaprio form or the Robert Redford variety – let Hollywood be your inspiration on this fun, bold and sassy glam wedding style :).  It is meant to be FUN!

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