Personalize Your Wedding

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Soooo – you want to personalize your wedding.  You want something unique and fun and you don’t have Kate Middleton’s in-laws budget.  I completely understand.  Make a stamp.  It really is as simple as that.  There are a million companies online that can all customize stamps in any size you need.  You can use the stamps anywhere – welcome bags, late night snacks, try stamping menus or the escort cards.  This is a stamp of the graphic that we are using for Sara and Austin’s wedding next month at Dunton Hot Springs.


Address Stamps – you can find several dozen artists on ETSY who can craft a unique and whimsical address stamp for all of your stationary.  If you aren’t have pre-printed envelopes or hiring a calligrapher – you can go ahead and thank me now 😉


Custom Favor Bag Stamps – honestly, if you have ever tried to run a muslin bag through a printer you probably already have had stamps made.  If you haven’t tried to run things other than paper through your printer, don’t try it.  Trust me on this one.  It is as bad an idea as when you tried to dye your college roommate’s hair for her after happy hour. . . (still sorry about that one sonja)

Here are some more great ideas (with sourcing for your stamping pleasure . . .)




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