Honeymoon Registry

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This has been a fantastic year for wedding planning for me.  I have so many amazing clients – and a lot of them are grown-ups.  Let me explain what I mean by grown ups.  These are people in their late 20’s and 30’s who have already purchased homes, who are established in their careers and who aren’t trying to build a home from the ground up.  These are couples who have everything they need.

A question that I have been getting a lot this year is “How do we politely register for money?”  It’s kind of a sticky situation.  It is an honest question and your wedding is certainly not a time when you want to appear greedy.  My solution is to suggest that couples register at for a honeymoon Travelers Joy.  A honeymoon registry is similar to a traditional wedding registry, in which you sign up for the gifts you would like to receive for your wedding.

With Traveler’s Joy, you build a registry with your anticipated honeymoon activities and experiences. You get to design your dream trip – cross country on a train, surfing in Bali or a foodie tour of Milan.  Your guests contribute monetary gifts towards your dream honeymoon activities and experiences listed on your registry page – and the contributions / gifts can be split (i.e. Aunt Mary doesn’t have to pay for your entire round trip ticket to Singapore) As you receive gifts, request them as often as you would like and Traveler’s Joy simply sends you a bank check or wire so that your gifts can be used immediately and for anything.

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