Love this Day Events has been a project of love — 20 years in the making.  I am delighted to introduce you to the team!!  Of course, HUGE thank you to our friends CR and Tiffany of Brinton Studios for our photos!

Kara Delay::

 I want to make pretty days for happy people.

Every single job and hobby I have had has led me to my passion for event design and planning.  I grew up between Central Massachusetts, the Atlanta Suburbs (ohhhhh how my hair was big) and the extremely glamorous Toledo, Ohio (imagine Glee) in musical theater (yes, I really do use this many exclamation points most of the time!!) where I developed a love for art, design and production.  After graduating from Roosevelt University in Chicago, I took a job as a workshop coordinator for Price Waterhouse.  After a few years in the corporate world, I quit that silliness and went back to my theatrical roots and with that came the side jobs of a restaurant manager, bartender, nanny, a cab driver, stage manager, personal assistant, a cabaret singer…

WHY COLORADO?  I moved to Colorado to ski – for one season – 12 years ago.  I met my husband the first week I lived in Winter Park and the rest is history.  I worked and I skied and I started Pick Me! Floral and Event Design with a great friend.  Together we grew the company into something spectacular.  After 6 years with Pick Me!, I decided it was time to refocus my goals.  Fewer events – more detail and design.  The result is Love this Day Events.  

The Colorado Mountains never fail to amaze both locals and visitors alike.  And every season, we are fortunate enough to work at and fall in love with a new amazing venue.  It really is a little bit of perfection out here.

WHY MONTANA?  Maybe I saw a River Runs Through It too many times in my formative years.  Maybe it’s the people, the wide open spaces or the fact that I am OBSESSED with Missoula, Montana.  With the resorts and ranches like Paws Up, Chico Hot Springs and the Ranch at Rock Creek, Montana is exactly the right kind of place for Love This Day.

WHY WYOMING?  Jackson is simply magic.  Brush Creek Ranch may be one of the best kept secrets in destination weddings.  Quite frankly, Wyoming is full of endless possibilities.  Wide open spaces.  Great people.  And pretty darn close to our Colorado base!

WHY UTAH?  Amangiri.  Moab.  Park City.   Whether you are looking for winter luxury (Stein Eriksen Lodge) or rustic perfection (Sundance) Utah has something for everyone.  Need I go on?

WHY ARIZONA?  Because the rest of these places are pretty cold in the winter.  Why NOT design a gorgeous ranch / resort wedding surrounded by a suguaro forest?   There is something about orange trees blooming in February (heck, anything blooming in February) that makes me happy . . .

I am so thankful for the team of like minded souls who have joined me in the crazy adventure that we call weddings.  We don’t really have titles per say – because we all pitch in and make it happen.  Allow me to introduce the amazing crew who I am lucky enough to spend my days with!!

Rachel Smith::

First off, I have never watched The Wedding Planner with J. Lo in it.  I would say that is one of my most frequently asked questions.  But instead, my story goes like this….
The background…
One day, I quit my job in corporate america (at a nuclear power facility of all places!) and followed a crazy idea to become a wedding planner.  I didn’t really know what it would entail….at all...but I was determined to figure out every single facet of the industry.  7 years later, I can confidently say that I did (aside from the jeweler aspect, maybe that is my next calling!).  From catering, to coordination, to floral design, to the creative direction of a highly acclaimed wedding publication, to photography assistance, to straight up man labor:  I have done it all!  And I am so thankful for the journey.  I’ve worked all over the US, primarily on the East Coast, and spanning into California, Texas, Chicago, Florida, and of course, the stunning Colorado Rockies.
My style…
Raised in the North Carolina mountains, I have a healthy dose of Southern whimsy in me, but not to be worried, my years in Southern California gave me a modern edge, and my time here in Colorado has brought out a rustic chic design flair (not to mention a surprising affinity to cowboy boots).  I can proudly say that my diverse background (along with the fact that I am a Pisces and a Millennial)  make me highly adaptable and aware of different clients design aesthetics, needs, and desires.
Why floral and event design?
In my wedding industry journeys, it was no surprise that flowers became my passion and my forte.  After all, I was the kid whose 90 year old grandmother, to this day, has 15-30 bud vases filled with hand picked flowers around her house (even if it is just a clover bloom).  I was also the kid whose Dad strapped a backpack on her and sent her on illegal wildflower digs in the Appalachian Mountains (those trilliums and jack-in-the-pulpit are STILL blooming!).  I am not embarrassed at all to say that my latest gift to myself was Tasha Tudor’s Garden which is basically like flower porn to me (who needs 50 Shades of Grey?!).  I LOVE working with flowers!  Going hand-in-hand with flowers, I also found my passion in overall event design.  I am a dreamer, which is impractical in nearly every job, except for this one.  I love to talk to clients; get their story, find out what their favorite item in their wardrobe is, hear about their best vacation and their favorite childhood memory, and their idea of a perfect date. I take that information and dream up an event that is personal and custom designed around their story.  And that is just the beginning!  Then I get to execute it and take their dreams and turn them into a tangible reality!  I once took a couple’s dream of an enchanted Sherwood Forest and did a 5 hour installation of a tree in the rafters of an event space.  Talk about fun!
As far as credentials, I can tell you this:  I am quite skilled with a staple gun, very agile on a ladder, understand the laws of physics well enough to make sure that pretty things stay in their pretty places (also thanks to duct tape and zip ties), can set up a wedding in -30F temperatures without batting an eye, and I have a solid working knowledge of the Latin names of flowers (not that it is any use except to show off in the studio).
When not immersed in the wedding celebrations, I pretend that I am athletic and attempt to snowboard.  Lots of times I sneak away to North Carolina to be reunited with my twin sister (the real creative twin, I would recommend hiring her but she’s busy being a speech pathologist).  I am completely addicted to expensive bread, A Praire Home Companion and This American Life on NPR, my down comforter, Naked Green Machine juice, and the idea of a vacation in Bali this spring (!!). I am lucky enough to be blessed with the company of THE most wonderful man on the planet.  Together we spend 90% of our time laughing, 10% eating (he’s Italian, what can I say?), and 100% being thoroughly entertained by how wonderful love is.
Now isn’t that a much better story than The Wedding Planner?


Janzy Crane::

What brought me to here…

I am a true Colorado native with the last four generations of my family living on Ranches in the beautiful Rocky Mountains.  On my Dad’s side, my Great Grandfather Alton Samuel Boone (great, great grandson of Daniel Boone) came to Grand County in 1923 with his brother in an old Model T from Maine in the hopes of getting rich mining for gold and silver before becoming ranchers themselves.  This explains my deep-rooted affinity for sparkles, gold & silver in design themes.

On my Mom’s side, my grandparents moved up from Eastern Colorado and bought a cattle ranch outside of Granby which is where I grew up riding horses, gardening with my grandma (which started my love for flowers), helping with the cattle, climbing lodge pole pines to the top (no wonder I’m okay with ladders for decorating) and playing outside all day everyday.   This is why I also strive to utilize “Ranch Chic”, natural and outdoorsy elements into my designs.

I went to high school in Granby until I was a junior and played international club volleyball in Boulder which involved driving over Berthoud Pass multiple times a week for practice and tournaments.  This proved overwhelming so I moved to Boulder attending Boulder High where we won the 5A State Championship against Cherry Creek (Ah sweet victory!).  I was accepted to Fresno State with a full ride scholarship studying international business but alas my knees didn’t hold out which helped change my perspective on everything in my life at that time.

I changed my major and instead received my degree in Interior Design.  I held many amazing jobs that helped hone my skills by working in; kitchen and bath design, lighting and design studios, staging, designing and refinishing full homes.  I’m so happy that I made that decision, because since then every step I have taken has furthered my ability to beautify any project I’m involved in.

I spent some enlightening time living and furthering my education in Tuscany, Italy taking in their culture and design aspects through sight seeing, studying the language, cooking, and eating and eating… (a lot like “Eat Pray Love” but without ashrams, Bali and Javier Bardem).

Growing up, my Mom was always a talented custom jewelry designer/creator and taught me all she knew about beading, gemstones and metals.   I realized I always loved creating custom pieces with her so I wanted to further my education and enrolled at the Clear Creek Academy and The Denver School of Metal Arts to become a metal smith and custom jewelry designer.  I now have my own studio and love making one-of- a-kind original pieces from earrings to necklaces, fine silver cuffs to belt buckles and everything in between.

After some time living in major cities I moved back to nature and the mountains “for one summer” to apply my design skills and refinish the original Granby stage coach stop which happened to be on our family ranch.  For daily variety I took an additional job at Devil’s Thumb Ranch, Resort & Spa, refinishing antique furniture, custom painting projects and designing, beautifying and maintaining the floral architecture of the 6,000 acre property with seasonal potted flowers, perennial beds and edible greens for the restaurants.  It was so much fun and fulfilling to see these plants “my babies” in full bloom and thriving and I bring that passion through every event. The best part of working at Devils’ Thumb Ranch was meeting my amazing, loving and brilliant fiancé. Now I am also realizing the dream of getting married and designing a wedding for myself!   So much for only being here for one summer… that was almost four years ago!

With a skill set and passion like mine it was only natural that I would come to work with the AMAZING team that is Love This Day Events!  I’m a chic mountain woman, creative designer and one who isn’t afraid to get my hands dirty or put in a little elbow grease to successfully bring an event to fruition.

As far as my style goes it’s like one big melting pot with a few cups of nature and ranch chic, a few more of Breakfast at Tiffany’s, a cup of Tuscan Villa, and a few dashes of romantic whimsy and sparkle.  I love every part of my involvement with every single wedding at Love This Day Events!  I help ensure every couple has the most beautiful “Big Day” since we have one chance to make you the perfect event.

 Kirsty Hoskins::


Well my story starts a bit differently than the others…for one, I’m British and grew up in a strange land where we willingly accept a total lack of sunshine, cannot function in the morning without at least two cups of tea, and relish consuming copious quantities of chicken tikka masala (our national dish)! I was born with a whopping dose of wanderlust and have traveled around the world a lot, living here, living there, meeting fun and crazy people, learning languages, taking it all in and absolutely loving every minute. And then I discovered Colorado and fell in love. With both the place and a man! Yes, it’s the story of 90% of all females who live here – we come on a ski vacation and never make it out. What can I say…these mountain men splitting wood with their bulging biceps are rather appealing. And what better place to settle than the spectacular Rocky Mountains? Since my first ever ski trip at the grand old age of four, I’ve always had an unmistakable calling to the mountains. And now I live here and get to spend any spare time I have outdoors: snowboarding, cross-country skiing, backpacking, cycling, sailing and doing triathlons – it’s really a huge adventure playground! And more importantly I get to help make other people’s gorgeous mountain weddings a day of beauty, joy and fun!  Bliss…

My experience…

For as long as I can remember, I’ve had a rather meticulous (verging on OCD, if the truth be known!) approach to everything I do, and so a career as an event planner was a no-brainer and something I pursued straight out of college. And I’ve had a lot of fun doing it! I’ve been lucky enough to organize events of all shapes and sizes in some damn fine places: Buenos Aires, Kuala Lumpur, Rio de Janeiro, London, Washington DC, Amsterdam, Nashville, Houston, Miami, to name a few. If I had to pick a highlight it would probably be living in Argentina for two years whilst project managing an event of 15,000 people (wow, what an amazing and sunny country that is). Other loves of mine include photography and graphic design, both of which happily go hand-in-hand with the world of weddings.

Me and weddings…

I adore weddings. I’m not ashamed to say that I cry at every wedding! There’s something utterly magical about two people gazing adoringly at each other, knowing they’re about to embark upon the journey of their lives with their soulmate. I get an almighty kick out of planning events. It’s what I’ve done for well over a decade and I just love seeing the end result after months and months of meticulous planning, listening to your must-haves and absolutely must have-nots, and ensuring everything is as perfect as in your dreams. And as a recent Colorado bride I feel perfectly positioned to understand exactly what you’re experiencing every step of the way! I can’t wait to help make your Rocky Mountain wedding as unique and fabulous as you are!!

So here is the long and short of the team here at LTDE

Love this Day Events focuses on the details that matter to YOU.  We work one on one to create a spectacular day (or wedding weekend) that is a reflection of you and your fiance and what you two care about.  Together, we will create the details and manage the entire production so you can be the girl in the pretty white dress, so he can be the love of your life grinning at you as you walk down the aisle and your Mothers will both be able to enjoy the entire process.  It is simply – your wedding, your way.  All we do is anything it takes to make your wedding absolutely lovely so you shine.