Tieks!  Do you know what Teiks means?  It means THANK YOU in bridesmaids speak.  Yes indeed.  These gorgeous and oh-so comfy flats are single handedly making sure that your dancefloor stays packed all night (and that you AND your bridesmaids are happy).  I learned about this company when I attended Engage this winter in Palm Beach and as a thank you for attending – I get to offer YOU a discount on the shoes.  And if 4 of more of your girls buy these (or if you buy them as gifts) you get a free pair.  You. Are. Welcome.  Just email me if you need the code.

tieks Tieks

I am pretty sure that by the end of this summer the turquoise soles will be showing up in as many wedding photos as the Christian Louboutin red.  And these are a whole lot easier for Colorado.  And in case anyone cares – I am a 9 icon smile Tieks

Kara Delay, Love This Day Events

Colorado Mountain Weddings

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