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Engage Recap

breakers engage Engage Recap

A week ago, I returned from one of the most amazing experiences of my professional career.  I attended a conference at the Breakers in Palm Beach called Engage.  And engage it did.  For 2 1/2 days I was blown away by the speakers (the absolute top in the event industry) as well as the design, the food and the decor at every turn.  At every turn – we were treated to an entirely new experience for all 5 senses.  250 event professionals at the top of their game – inspiring, promoting and challenging each other. Even the coffee breaks were over the top (and by over the top – I mean AMAZING!!!!)

opening day Engage Recap

lunch Engage Recap

desert reception Engage Recap

session Engage Recap

gala Engage Recap

afterparty Engage Recap

I was able to spend time with 2 of my favorite fellow Colorado vendors (Debbie Orwat of Save the Date Events and Rachael Tuefel of Intricate Icings) as well as make incredible new friends.

COCKTAIL GALA 48 S Engage Recap

As I put into action new plans and path for the company (as well as a new adventure that you will be hearing all about here in the next few months) what I take away is that the very people who I worship in this industry are really good people.  Sitting next to Mindy Weiss at lunch, having dinner with Sylvia Weinstock (and her husband who I am pretty sure I have a wild crush on – hop on over to Instagram to see that one!) hearing Lara Casey speak, talking to Carly Roney – suddenly, I am thrilled for their personal and professional success.  I think each and every one of them deserve it.   And here is to playing with the big kids icon smile Engage Recap .  Game on!

Thank you to Elan Artists and to Scott Clark Photography and ChelliseMichaelPhotography for the images you see!

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