Newsprint Wedding Details

Looking for some slightly vintage and oh so affordable wedding ideas?  How about using newspaper for some of your Colorado wedding details?  The options for including newspaper details are endless for your vintage inspired wedding.  Considering a library theme in your wedding?  Add a runner made from the pages of a love story.  Or maybe the sheet music of your favorite love song . . .

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Adding paper flower details can easily save you a small fortune in terms of place details or accents for your ceremony aisle (just have a rain plan!)

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You can easily keep the sheet music or newsprint detail by adding cones for toss petals . . .

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Consider making a tabloid about your own friends and family.  With photos readily available on Facebook – you can easily create a fun and silly alternative to a schedule of events for your welcome bags.  Look at for more info.

newspaper wedding ideas Newsprint Wedding Details


Of course you could take the idea to the extreme and opt for a newspaper dress (seriously, I am kidding here – obviously it rains too much in Colorado to try this).  No matter what detail you decide to DIY for your own wedding, remember — start early, make mistakes and learn from them and be kind to yourself when it doesn’t look like the handiwork of Martha Stewart on your first try.

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